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 Traditional Korean-Style Martial Arts

Tang Soo!

Karate, Tang Soo Do, has several benefits, including Physical, Mental and Spiritual well-being which helps students to better their lives.

Karate workouts help students relieve tension and built up hostilities.  They help them to be able to relax and become less irritable.  After a hard workout, students often find it easier to fall asleep at night.  Karate teaches respect for oneself and others.  Most importantly, students find the inner strength to say "no" when confronted with unhealthy peer pressures.

Mental concentration is one of the keys to karate.  It takes total concentration to perfect a karate technique.  This same concentration will stay with the student outside of the Do Jang.  It will help the student to concentrate on their studies, focus all of their mental energy on the material to be learned and excel in school and work habits.

With the mastery of karate techniques will come increased self-confidence and, in turn, increased self worth derived from a feeling of accomplishment. Once a student has developed confidence and pride in being able to defend himself, this same increase in confidence and pride will flow into everything he does.  Many a shy, insecure student will become more outgoing as he feels more comfortable with his self image.

Spiritually, karate strives to have a student in harmony with himself and his environment. Karate training helps to curve the natural aggressiveness of man. There is no reason to try to show off or prove your fighting ability. If one has true confidence in himself, there is no reason to prove it to anyone.

Karate is an art.  Many students will stop the art of karate after they feel that they have the ability to defend themselves.  Those who continue the study of karate do so because of the fascination and loyalty they have for the art.

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